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RooR Bongs

roor bongs have launched a new website offering customisation of roor bongs. You can have a diamond or a ruby fitted. As well as choosing the colour of your label, mouthpiece etc etc. An extensive site full of roor information.


This site has been created from my love of bongs. I just love bongs in all their shapes and sizes. I think in my time I have toked everything from RooR to homemade bongs. There is nothing quite like that deep seated gurgle you get from a really good bong! And its a lot healthier for you than deep inhalation of joints. The water/coolant (never alcohol) absorbs some of the soluble tars and stuff in your smoking mix.

Bongs - DIY

Make your own bong? With all the bongs on the market there appears to be little gained from making your own bong. Having said that there is the satisfaction of toking on something you made yourself and experimenting with different designs. If you have invented something which you feel is unique why not send an email to the folks at www.weedcity.com I know they are always on the lookout for new ideas, and they pay well too ;-). email them here newideas@weedcity.com